Client Testimonials

​I can say that I have better balance and more flexibility due to Pilates.  It's hard work but worth it.
- Suzanne

I would like to thank Michelle for helping me find my core muscles again! 2 years of dedication to Pillates has , as Michelle would say , made me feel "fabulous" .. Thank you.
- Sharon B.

I have been doing Pilates with Michelle for several years.  Michelle is a wonderful instructor.  I find her classes not only really helpful for an aging body but thoroughly enjoyable.  She has a lovely positive attitude, has a great sense of humour and is always really supportive. Michelle is always aware of individual differences in fitness and medical problems and and adapts her exercises for individuals in the class.   Her classes which are varied every week flow smoothly with her amazing memory.  She never has to consult notes. Michelle is an exceptional expert in her field and Motueka is truly fortunate to have her classes available.’
- Jan J.

Onebodi Pilates has been a life changing experience.  I have been amazed at the physical benefits of strength, balance and flexibility that come from taking pilates.  The breathing and relaxation side has also been positive in my life.  I feel calmer and find it easier to deal with the stresses of day to day life.  I highly recommended it to all."
- Delaney

Pilates has improved my posture, strength and flexibility. I started pilates after suffering terrible back pain with pregnancy and was recommended by my doctor to start after recovering from birth. I couldn't believe how weak and inflexible I had become! After a number of years with Michelle, I am feeling stronger and healthier. She is a great instructor,  who moderates her classes to what ever level you are working at, so that you always feel that it is a challenge. I always walk out feeling 100% better than when I walked in. It's a great workout but also a chance to stretch and breath.
- Maia  

I joined Pilates 4 years ago - as a suggestion from a Green Prescription nurse due to  increasing pain from osteo arthritis. I have always been very flexible, but, as a tall slim woman, my need for good balance and keeping my core strength had been a growing concern for me. Four years on - with twice a week class sessions with Michelle - I am delighted with the changes in my core strength and balance. As a fisher woman who spends hours standing in a boat on the sea, or in the river, I am aware of the increase in my core strength, my balance and in my breathing (which helps reduce any travel sickness!) I use the class sessions as a time for me to focus on a body and mind work out. I like the challenge of concentration, coordination and exploring what I can do physically. I have learned, with Michelle’s mantra, to forgive my body for its limitations and not get frustrated by what I cannot do! Michelle is an excellent teacher who gives good instruction. She demonstrates new moves, and “spots” for the correct body movements of pupils with respect. By using variety within the sessions from week to week Michelle keeps classes fun and energised. It is apparent that Michelle is totally dedicated in her work. Her enthusiasm and passion for our learning is infectious. Michelle motivates, celebrates and honours us as individuals and has a wealth of knowledge in health and wellbeing. Michelle has been one of my best health investments. She has been a gift in my life and is not allowed to stop being my teacher for the next 20+ years.
​- Linda G.

A while ago my health was 50/50 (50 years old and 50kg overweight). I decided I needed to make a change and when I heard about Pilates being a breathing exercise, I decided breathing wasn't too energetic and I would try that. Now, after much breathing, stretching, and positive encouragement from Michelle, I feel 50+, fit and fabulous!
- Marie D.

I love the Onebodi Modified class.  Recently, on a lengthy trek in the National Park, my husband commented on how the walk seemed much more 'easy' for me than in previous years, and how 'well-balanced' my body looked.  I know this improvement is because of Pilates - since attending my body is definitely more flexible, aches much less, and feels stronger.  Michelle is a fantastic teacher; the class, limited to 12 people, enables her to give personalised instruction which is important for me as I have osteoporosis. There is always fresh material, good companionship and lots of fun.  
- Christina

I have been attending Michelle’s amazing Pilate classes for 7 months. At first it was simply to get fit and flexible. After one term going once a week, I notice a big difference in my energy level. I started going twice a week after the first term, and ever since then, I am not only feeling stronger, I also feel better in myself. Michelle is an inspiring mentor, with her encouragement over the months, I not only have become physically stronger, my self esteem has increased as well.
- Mia

I don't know how Michelle does it.  Her enthusiasm is consistent and contagious, so even on those days you don't want to think about exercise you can't help but enjoy it.  Pilates not only keeps me flexible and improves my posture but increases my strength and muscle tone, no easy task when you sit behind a desk most of the day.  
- Anne

I am more than happy to recommend Onebodi Pilates as it has done wonders for me. I have been going to Michelle's pilates class for over 2 years now and I just love it. My body is now much more flexible, my muscle tone has improved and I just feel fitter and physically more able, even though I am now 74 years old. 
- Helen C.

​I started doing Pilates with Onebodi to improve my balance and flexibility and have been attending for a year now. It's unusual for me to stick at something like this for so long but I really enjoy it and feel great after a class. I have been sitting at a desk for most of my working life and I've noticed that my posture has improved and I don't have the same neck and shoulder pain as before. Michelle is a great teacher, very patient and manages not to laugh as some of my clumsy attempts - especially when it's something new!!"
- Ginny

Onebodi Pilates has taken my old body and with great professionalism has transformed my well-being and health. If a knackered old person like me (with back and balance issues) can benefit from Pilates classes, then anyone can.
- Tom

I would like to say thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into making me a dedicated Pilates follower. I really enjoy my Modified classes after starting as a Beginner and progressing towards intermediate.  Due to neck, knee & sciatica problems over the past two years, I have now found the class that suits me best. Michelle's enthusiasm, dedicated, nurturing and fun classes mean I so look forward to my weekly class. I try as you say “Stay tall and fabulous’ as often as I can. Thanks so much Michelle – you are inspiring and you have inspired me.
- Jenny