Mat Classes

Mat work is an valuable and fundamental part of learning Pilates!

Our fun and energetic group classes will teach you Pilates Principles and classical Pilates mat exercises, using props for added resistance and variety. Class size is limited to 12 students to ensure each student receives personal attention and assistance from the instructor. 

Classes are available for all abilities and all bodies. More assistance and spotting is provided in Introductory classes where students are learning new choreography and technique. Modified classes are also available and taught at a slower pace, with personal attention and spotting to help students with specific needs, pain, or injuries.​ As student progress into Intermediate classes, the class workout flows more quickly and the intensity increases.
Length: 45 minutes (allow 1 hour on the first night of term)

Cost: $140 for 10-week term (or adjusted for longer/shorter length term)
Discount on 2 term classes 10%  
Discount on 3 term classes 15% 

View our class schedule and ​​download our Class Registration Details.
​"I have been going to Onebodi Pilates classes for 2 years now and I just love it! My body is now much more flexible, my muscle tone has improved and I just feel fitter and physically more able, even though I am now 74 yrs old." - Helen