Getting Started

New clients often ask us if there is an ideal way to begin Pilates. Private sessions vs. classes or equipment vs. mat. Or how often to take class? Does it matter?

Well... Pilates is beneficial no matter how you begin or how many classes you take! But if you're looking for the greatest possible benefit and experience when starting your Pilates practice, we recommend that you try to begin with a Private Session and set-up a schedule to practice Pilates 2-3x each week - whether taking Private Sessions, mat classes or even practicing at home.

Working one-on-one, using the equipment, and practicing Pilates more frequently accelerates the benefits of Pilates. So we recommend clients try to do these things when possible, especially at the beginning of their Pilates practice as it establishes an incredibly strong foundation to build upon!

Signing Up 

For Private Sessions On The Equipment

Call us at 03 528 0252 or click here to request a Private Session. We will get back to you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to discuss available appointment times and help you get started! Bookings can be taken up to one day in advance. Sorry we cannot accomodate same-day appointments. If our current available appointment times do not suit your schedule, please still contact us with your interest and we'll notify you when new openings are available!

Current Availability:
Mondays: 10am & 4.30pm
Tuesdays: 6.30am & 2pm
Wednesdays: 5.45am, 6.45am & 7.45am
Thursdays: 3.30pm & 5.30pm
Fridays: 10.15am

Cost: $70 for one person or share a session with a friend $80 between two people. 55 minutes.

Download our Private & Duet Session Registration Details.

For Mat Classes

If you are new to Pilates: You are invited to join our introductory or modified classes. If we are in the middle of a class term but have space available, new clients are welcome to join our classes after taking an Introductory Private Session. This will give you the opportunity to learn the technique and movements that have been taught in class to-date.

If you have Pilates experience: We'll talk to you about your Pilates background and help you find the classes that are best fit for you. If we are in the middle of a class term but have space available, you are welcome to join us. An introductory Private Session may be required or recommended based on your experience.

Check out our class schedule and download our Class Registration Details.
Or contact us with any questions.

Our Client Guidelines

To help all of our clients have the best possible Pilates experience, and to enable our studio and teachers to work to the best of their abilities, we have a few friendly guidelines that we ask our clients to be mindful of.
  • Be open-minded and ready to learn every time you come to your session or class!
  • Be positive, supportive, and contribute good energy to the studio and class environment.
  • Arrive on time and be ready to start when the class or session begins!
  • Leave any stress, concerns, or distractions at the door.
  • Be patient and attentive to what you can learn and how you can improve in each movement.
  • Don't worry about 'advancing' or feeling the burn. Trust us to challenge you in the right way.
  • Pay promptly and cancel or reschedule with requested notice.
  • Be mindful of how you treat and move your body when you are away from the studio.