Equipment Sessions 

Using Pilates Equipment

Joseph Pilates created several pieces of equipment for students to use when learning Pilates. The Pilates equipment provides new challenges in using springs resistance for greater muscle engagement, a moving surface to challenge stability, and additional surfaces to place the body in positions that are not available on the mat. 

The equipment offers students hundreds of new and unique exercises to learn and benefit from - exercises that challenge the upper/lower body and core to work more deeply and consciously. 

​The shape of the equipment both supports the body and enables greater mobility and flexibility in the body. Pilates equipment also helps to build more muscle strength and tone, and challenges the body's balance, stability, and coordination for greater improvements.

Private & Duet Sessions

Onebodi Pilates Private and Duet Session clients learn both mat work and equipment exercises for the most well-rounded and beneficial Pilates experience. Sessions will be customized to the client's unique needs on that day. The intensity and challenges will be tailored specifically to the client, and injuries, individual needs, or specific goals can be catered to. Clients will be able learn a great deal about their body, and will have a clear understanding of what they can do both inside the studio and out - to improve and grow.

In Private and Duet Sessions, clients receive much more attention from the instructor than they do in a class setting. The instructor is by your side encouraging you and helping you to work more efficiently and mindfully with your body. They will focus specifically on what YOUR body needs from each exercise, and each session. This enables clients to progress more quickly and get results faster vs. only taking group classes.

Private Sessions: It’s all about you! Length: 55 minutes, Cost: $70
Duet sessions: Workout with a friend and share the cost. Length: 55 minutes, Cost:  $80 (shared by two clients)
​Call us at 03 528 0252 or click here to request a Private Session. We will get back to you within 24 hours (on weekdays) to discuss available appointment times and help you get started! Bookings can be taken up to one day in advance. Sorry we cannot accomodate same-day appointments.
Current Availability:

Mondays: 4.30pm
Wednesdays: 10am
Thursdays: 3.30pm & 5.30pm

If our current available appointment times do not suit your schedule, please still contact us with your interest and we'll notify you when new openings are available!​​​

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